Making tech work against exploitation

A world without exploitation

Everything we do at Spine contributes to that ultimate goal!

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 Our projects & tools

At Spine we are convinced technology can help us in the battle against exploitation. We develop tech-tools to combat trafficking in human beings and prevent victimization.

Online outreach

Every year, thousands of children and adults are systematically forced in the Netherlands to have sex with ‘clients’ for money. The visibility of this group is decreasing, because many victims are groomed, abused and/or exploited via the digital world. But it is also the place where victims look for answers, help and a listening ear. Spine wants to support the fight by seriously investing in the creation of an online outreach. Our dedicated team of care professionals will go digital and proactively seek contact with (potential) victims to offer help and protection. 

Digital Vault

Not every victim is ready to report their victimization to the police immediately after it took place. This causes problems for evidence. Our digital vault contributes to a solution, because victims will be able to store any evidence of the exploitation in a secure, online vault shortly after the exploitation has occurred. In the meantime, the victim has time to think about pressing charges or to prepare for an upcoming criminal trial. Problems such as an ‘elapsed time period’ or ‘possible reformed memories’ will be backed-up by digital data of the victim’s evidence within the vault. Once the victim is ready to file a police report, the evidence can be exported from the vault to support their declaration.

Watchful waiting

Experimenting online has become part of the sexual development of teenagers and adolescents. These digital interactions, however, can come with risks, such as online sexual abuse, violence and/or harassment. We want to evolve with these trends by providing online support.

The Watchful waiting-application allows case managers to monitor psychological symptoms during the first month after victimization (the watchful waiting period). Psycho-education and support are also provided within the application.

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